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Vitis will market its videofutur package on all ADF fiber networks

Vitis and TDF announce they have signed a blanket contract, under which Vitis will market its Videofutur package on all TDF’s optical fiber networks that will eventually represent over 700,000 plugs.

While helping to roll out optical fiber throughout France under the France High Speed Broadband program, Vitis now markets its fully fiber-based Videofutur package in some twenty French counties with 1,000 communities and 500,000-plus plugs. Vitis strives to win over all independent and open Public Initiative Networks targeting a million eligible plugs by the end of 2018.

This deal consolidates TDF’s market positioning as an independent and open fiber network operator aiming to bring mobile coverage to sparsely populated areas. Since 2017, five French counties have placed their trust in TDF to roll out, operate and market fiber networks in such areas.

The Videofutur package will be available:

  • From July 2018 in French county Val d’Oise (via the Val d’Oise Fiber Public Initiative Network overseen by the Val d’Oise Digital Joint Syndicate). The communities to be first connected will be Bernes-sur-Oise, Bruyère-sur-Oise, Champagne-sur-Oise, Chaumontel, Hérouville, Luzarches and Méry-sur-Oise;
  • Once the networks in French counties Les Yvelines (on the Yvelines Fiber network), Indre-et- Loire and Loir-et-Cher (on the Loire Valley Public Initiative Fiber network overseen by the Val d’Oise Digital Joint Syndicate) and Maine-et-Loire (on the Anjou Public Initiative Fiber network overseen by the Anjou Digital Joint Syndicate) are up and running.

Videofutur, Vitis’s fully fiber-based package on sale at a standard €39.90 price, includes:

  • Ultra high-speed broadband up to 1 Gbps (download) and up to 200 Mbps (upload);
  • Latest generation router with state-of-the-art WiFi (802.11n/ac);
  • 4K Ultra HD TV box;
  • TV services with 100+ HD channels (including DTT, premium, themed and local channels) and catch-up services;
  • Unlimited VOD offering 4000+ videos, namely movies with FilmoTV and children’s box sets with TFOU MAX;
  • Landline and mobile phone offers.

+ Card access to 15,000+ VOD videos and box sets including just released movies;
+ Non-binding access to pay beIN SPORTS and OCS options.

Mathias Hautefort, Vitis chairman, said: “We are thrilled to be joining forces with TDF, our longstanding partner, to take part in ultra high-speed broadband development throughout France by offering top-of- the-range and affordable quadruple play.”

Olivier Huart, TDF chief executive officer, said: “We are delighted to be teaming up on a strategic level with Vitis. The Videofutur package further enhances our services offering on all our fiber networks, while benefiting the French regions that have placed their trust in us. Once our first FttH plugs go live in July, connected Val d’Oise homes will have ultra high-speed broadband, thereby turning the digital development plan overseen by our local council partners that aims to give everyone access to fiber, into reality”.