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Following a public call for investment (Appel à Manifestation d’Engagement d’Investissement, “AMEI”) from French county Les Yvelines and Yvelines Numériques, the Les Yvelines open digital association, TDF announced today that it would take over fiber optics roll-out and operation in Les Yvelines’ rural areas. Four months after winning its first tender in French county Val d’Oise, TDF is now building on its strategic positioning in new networks and its role in providing Ultra High Speed coverage in sparsely populated areas.

Les Yvelines: ultra high speed coverage for rural inhabitants

Following a competitive tender, for which several bids were submitted, the local authority opted for TDF’s bid to supply optical fiber in sparsely populated rural areas in Les Yvelines. The local authority and Yvelines Numériques viewed TDF as a reliable operator with strong financial backing capable of rapid optical fiber roll-out across the county’s rural areas.

All told, the project is planned to provide over 100,000 connections in four years spread over 158 communities while providing ultra high speed connections to the county’s rural population. The company will invest close on €120 million without public funds to install these new digital facilities.

Furthermore, under the project, TDF undertakes to take action in support of local employment and job training. Such action includes:

  • Involving Les Yvelines-based construction firms,
  • Assigning working hours to local job-seekers,
  • Teaming up with a training center specializing in sustainable development and green construction professions.

Progressive roll-out

Based on the schedule and priorities set by the regional digital blueprint (Schéma Directeur Territorial d’Aménagement Numérique), TDF undertakes to roll out fibre-to-the- home (FttH) electronic communications that make all AMEI facilities connectable.

This second tender success bolsters TDF’s fiber strategy

For TDF, this success four months after being awarded operation of the Val d’Oise Public Initiative Network, bolsters its strategy to be a fiber infrastructures operator so as to accelerate digital development in the French regions.

TDF’s ambitious strategy is underpinned by its in-depth know-how of France’s rural areas and local politicians, over 40 years’ experience in deploying and operating communications facilities coupled with the firm’s extensive investment capacities.