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Ozone fiber running on TDF networks

Ozone and TDF sign a national framework agreement so that Ozone can market its packages via all TDF’s fiber optic networks.

Ozone, a French Internet services provider, will eventually market its packages to 700,000- plus homes and businesses covered by TDF’s fiber optic network. Since 2017, five French counties – namely Val-d’Oise, Les Yvelines, Indre-et-Loire, Loir-et-Cher and Maine-et-Loire – have placed their trust in TDF to roll out, operate and sell fiber optic networks and services in their sparsely populated areas, boosted by a far higher broadband speed than ADSL, yet priced the same. This deal is a tangible benefit arising from the digital development project aiming to bring ultra high-speed broadband to everyone and bridge the digital divide.

From July 2018, the first Val-d’Oise connected communities will be Bernes-sur-Oise, Bruyère- sur-Oise, Champagne-sur-Oise, Chaumontel, Hérouville, Luzarches and Méry-sur-Oise. Public meetings have been planned starting June.

Olivier Huart, TDF Group CEO, said: “We’re thrilled to offer Ozone’s packages in the counties we serve. As soon as our first plugs go live in July, Val-d’Oise’s connected homes will be able to tap into ultra high-speed broadband services”.

Christophe Valdeyron, Ozone CEO, said: “Our deal with TDF is the culmination of our two companies’ teamwork to expand ultra high-speed broadband access in France while letting us market fiber to a million-plus homes.”

Over 50,000 customers have already been won over by Ozone’s fully flexible packages, which, depending on user needs, range from internet access only to a quadruple play package comprising landline, TV, VOD and cellphone.

Business packages

Since January 2018, Ozone markets secure and user-friendly packages to businesses. Christophe added: “Our new range for the self-employed, artisans, micro-businesses and local authorities, will be available on TDF’s networks”.