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Sodifrance selects TDF data centers to host its new security operations center (SOC) package

Sodifrance will call on TDF’s data centers to offer clients its end-to-end Security Operations Center package ranging from designing IT systems to secure data storage.

Backed by its four data centers in Bordeaux, Marseilles, Lille and Rennes, TDF delivers local solutions for reliably and securely hosting IT hardware. TDF’s capacity to host big clients’ hardware in state-of-the-art facilities as well as its data centers’ widespread local presence have given Sodifrance a key competitive advantage.

Client data security underpins this alliance

As digital services provider, Sodifrance helps clients from a broad range of industries go digital. Two years ago, Sodifrance launched a Security Operations Center package under the banner Antéo Trust & Security that allows clients to monitor, control and protect all their IT systems, including databases, applications and websites. Indeed Antéo Trust & Security can detect any attempted security intrusion just from tiny signals.

The fact that many companies have gone digital has lead to a surge in data volumes, which in turn has given rise to a greater need for data security. TDF takes account of such heightened security requirements in the design of its data centers, which are located away from flood-prone and earthquake-prone areas, are ISO 27001 certified and equipped with back-up power and cooling systems.

Christine Landrevot, TDF senior VP Telecoms, said: “By hosting a big company like Sodifrance, TDF underscores its capacity to support corporations including local business units in their digital switchover projects, while ensuring watertight data security”.

Hervé T roalic, Sodifrance security expertise and advisory division general manager, commented: “Being close to clients and backed by state-of-the-art technology are the common strengths of both our companies and we will do our best to build on our teamwork so that we become key regional players in digital data security”.

“Selecting TDF to host our CyberSOC (Security Operations Center) package was inevitable for us, given that TDF has all required licenses so that Antéo Trust & Security can provide all necessary assurance to keep our clients totally happy. TDF’s data centers are ISO 27001 certified and audited by Bureau Veritas Certification, and they are also a European Code of Conduct Participant. Like TDF, we are known as a local firm yet operating throughout France and we can support and advise clients on strategic projects. The fact that we have picked up two SOC clients including Brest Metropole Habitat highlights that our package is top class”.