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  • TDF, top of the 2020 Infrastructure assessment
  • 97/100 ESG performance score
  • TDF named Sector Leader and awarded 5 stars for its top ranking

GRESB has given TDF Group a 97/100 score for its 2019 environment, social and governance (ESG) performance. As a result, TDF comes in top of the world Telecom Infrastructure assessment and in sixth place overall.

Leading ESG rating agency GRESB compares and assesses corporations on their ESG management performance and publishes an annual ranking thereof.

TDF pledges as responsible industrial company

TDF continues to climb the GRESB ranking by increasing its overall score by 22 points since last year. This attests to the ongoing improvements achieved by all Company departments and operations and their success in demonstrating the Company’s ESG risk management procedures.

In 2019, TDF released its ESG policy, which states its twelve pledges underpinned by four key priorities: (i) connect the regions, (ii) safeguard well-being at work, (iii) be an ethical and socially responsible company and (iv) protect the environment. An ESG department reporting to top management has been introduced to oversee ESG performance and approve ESG strategy. What’s more, having signed up to the UN’s Global Compact in 2014, every year TDF publishes its Communication on Progress.

Looking forward to the 2021 assessment, TDF will continue to highlight its continually improving ESG practices focusing especially on its responsible actions in response to covid-19.

TDF Group CEO Olivier Huart said: “I am thrilled at our ranking in this 2020 assessment. GRESB has now been assessing us for five years and I am fully aware of the long journey we have travelled to make our operations sustainable. Against the current backdrop of a global covid pandemic, ESG issues are a key priority. More than ever, the work of our on-site staff and our telecoms and radio/TV broadcasting facilities are essential to uphold and further improve mobile and fixed coverage throughout France.”

Partner Christopher Ehrke and Senior Investment Director Romain Roirand from Arcus Infrastructure Partners – a TDF shareholder, said: “I would like to thank TDF for taking part in the GRESB assessment. We warmly congratulate TDF people for having scored so highly in 2020 attesting to the quantity and quality of everyday ESG work performed. This is also tangible proof of employees’ commitment to continuous improvement. TDF should be extremely proud of their achievements and we continue to urge them forward in their journey.”

GRESB cofounder and managing director Sander Paul van Tongeren said: “We are proud to recognize the 2020 GRESB “Sector Leaders” and “Most Improved” for their clear commitment and meaningful action to improve their ESG performance. Your efforts continue to shape the future of sustainability leadership and play a critical role in driving the transition towards sustainable real assets.”