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TDF has completed the takeover of ITAS, a company specialising in TV and radio broadcasting facilities and building masts

TDF announces it has today realized its acquisition of ITAS Group, which specialises in TV and radio broadcasting and in designing and installing sites. Following the transaction that was announced on 30 June 2016, TDF customers will benefit from a high quality network throughout mainland France provided at low cost.

Founded in 1989, ITAS Group grew rapidly from 2008 boosted by setting up ITAS TIM, a TV and radio broadcasting subsidiary, which is now ITAS’s largest business.

Acquiring ITAS TIM means TDF Group bolsters its TV and radio business by taking on an additional network comprising nearly 400 sites throughout mainland France. The acquisition will lead to production synergies allowing TDF to maintain a high level of capital spending on its DTT broadcasting facilities. As such, TDF will be in a position to provide an innovative high-tech offering while controlling TV/radio customer broadcasting costs.

TDF will also be boosted by the know-how and production capacity of other ITAS Group companies involved in building masts and pylons, which will support its French telecoms strategy of growth.

Olivier Huart, TDF Group CEO, said: “ITAS brings TDF robust facilities, a world-class regional network and operational know-how that we need to consolidate our longstanding “Towerco” business. This is good news for our TV and radio customers, who will benefit from a high quality and high-tech broadcasting service delivered at competitive prices, and for our telecoms customers who will be backed by an integrated partner supporting them in installing their networks”.