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Netalis, B2B digital solutions operator, runs on all TDF fiber networks

Netalis and TDF announce they have signed a French national framework agreement allowing Netalis to market its packages to customers, including independent businesses, SMEs, muncipalities and the public sector, on all TDF-operated optical fiber networks.

As digital solutions operator constantly focusing on innovation and a local presence for customers, including independent businesses, SMEs, muncipalities and the public sector, Netalis will market ultra high-speed broadband cloud services (SaaS and IaaS) packages backed by TDF’s optical fiber networks in French counties Val d’Oise, Les Yvelines, the Loire valley (Indre-et-Loire and Loir-et-Cher) and Maine-et-Loire.

This agreement confirms TDF’s positioning as an impartial and open fiber operator seeking to serve sparsely populated areas while helping to boost regional digital coverage. Since 2017, five French counties have placed their trust in TDF to roll out, operate and market optical fiber in their sparsely populated areas. This will eventually represent 700,000-plus plugs.

Nicolas Guillaume, Netalis chairman, said: “TDF has brought to market Public Initiative Networks and its renowned technical expertise underpinned by the world-class practices of an operator who is totally independent of retail operators. Under the deal, from September we may market all our digital business services and specifically ultra high-speed broadband packages, including FttH, FttE and FttO, to regional businesses who have called on TDF to achieve their digital planning goals”.

Olivier Huart, TDF CEO, said: “We are thrilled to team up with Netalis. Netalis’s packages target businesses and enhance the range of services on all our fiber networks, thereby benefiting the counties we serve. Since our first FttH plugs went live in July, Val d’Oise individuals, businesses and the public sector can now benefit from ultra high-speed broadband, which turns the French government’s digital development plan designed to usher in fiber for everyone, into reality”.